About PSY.FI

logoWorking the underground circuit with an array of artists from musicians, to performance artists, and DJs to visual artists, PSY.FI is a collaboration of creators who have come together to raise awareness of the arts as well as supporting causes locally and nationally near their home base of Philadelphia. Founded in 2010, PSY.FI hosts local and national artists in monthly events that challenge and revitalize the rules and traditions of any labeled genre. Each venue welcomes this artistic experimentation in and marriages of all music – classical, electronic, rock, jazz, hip-hop — as well as displayed art pieces and performance art, such as spoken word groups.

The organization works to present and display creativity and experimentation in a festival venue that allows for further freedom of expression through dancing. PSY.FI has worked with various other organizations in the past such as the community-based, intergenerational team of Get Lucid!, which aims to raise social awareness and activism through art and dance parties.